This Twenty One Pilots’ Ned Costume Has Been Adopted By The Band

Twenty One Pilots have been gifted a truly unique piece of memorabilia – a full size costume of everyone’s favourite alien creature, Ned.

Lindsay Palmer created the outfit, inspired by the ‘Chlorine’ music video, as part of a fan-led project back in 2019. Palmer is a professional costume artist and founder of the company Strut Your Fluff Ltd.

Lindsay tells us that “The costume was designed and built entirely by me with custom patterns. It took a year…2020 halted my plans to take Ned to a show, so I entertained people with videos and photos…In my opinion, costumes are wearable art and are meant for in-person interaction. I take this very seriously.”

“In 2022, I bought a ticket to a TOP show in Kansas City, MO. TOP security did not have an issue with me bringing Ned inside the venue, but venue security forbade it. So I decided to hold a meet-and-greet with fans after the show, a few blocks away from the venue property. Up to this point I had been unsuccessful at rehoming Ned and hoped that this would help via exposure. It was amazing to finally meet people who had enjoyed the #NedLives project from the beginning.”

Lindsay then decided to offer up Ned as a gift to the band and, following some communication with management, they messaged to say that they “would gladly accept the Ned costume”. Lindsay will be passing it on to the new owners later this summer.

Fans who have followed the #NedLives project on social media were delighted by the news, sharing their own fun memories from the show meet and greets.

So, let’s celebrate this very fun news with Ned’s official anthem shall we?

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