Vended Release Crushing New Track ‘Overall’

Vended keep on moving at a blistering pace with their new heavy offering.

Vended are back with another new track, showing off more and more of what they are made of.

And it’s a belter.

It’s called ‘Overall’ and finds the band stretching both their heavy and melodic muscles to incredible effect.

Discomforting, direct and dripping in pure aggression, it’s another step up the ladder for a band going from strength to strength.

Vocalist Griffin Taylor had this to say about it:

Overall is a song about getting trapped in your own head and having your thoughts self-sabotage you. And how sometimes YOU are the only person who can help yourself get out of that headspace. “I salt the wound myself” has a double meaning; you either feel the pain from bad thoughts, or you lean into it and embrace them.”

And here it is:

It follows on from ‘Ded To Me’, which sounds a lot like this:

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