Ville Valo Releases Gorgeous Track ‘The Foreverlost’

Ville Vale has shared another beautiful love song from his upcoming solo album.

Ville Valo has delivered another piece of his upcoming solo album ‘Neon Noir’, and it is more romantically gripping loveliness.

It’s called ‘The Foreverlost’, and it is dripping with gorgeous poetry, moody composition and spine-tingling atmosphere.

Ville had this to say about it:

 “The Foreverlost is yet another loud love song depicting the burlesque butoh between two world-weary souls. All my Carmina Buranas and could’ve should’ve would’ves rolled into a neat little Gordian knot of the gothic variety.”

It’s a stunner, here it is:

‘Neon Noir’ is set to arrive on 13 January next year via Heartagram Records.

It will also feature ‘Echolocate Your Love’:

And ‘Loveletting’:

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