Void Of Vision Release Intense New Track ‘HELL HELL HELL’

Void of Vision return with another pulsating and exploratory piece of post-metalcore mayhem.

Void Of Vision have shared a new song, picking up where their last EP ‘CHRONICLES II: HEAVEN’ left off.

And fucking hell, what a band.

This is ‘HELL HELL HELL’ and sounds like nothing else that anybody is doing right now.

A combination of the malice-fuelled brute force of their roots, the ethereal oddities of techno melodies and pulsating drum and bass rhythms, it is a cauldron of noise that rips and tears at the ear with glee.

It’s an expansion and exploration of what the band is capable of, and takes things to the next level in so many fascinating and furious ways.

Vocalist Jack Bergin had this to say about it:

HELL HELL HELL is a brand new world of Void Of Vision that has definitely been hinted at or given a nod in previous work. But this is where we truly get to showcase our own raw and explicit take on it. It’s been so insanely fulfilling to create, feeling so foreign yet strangely just as much at home within our discography alongside all our other works.

To let this creativity flow so effortlessly and be able to share this with the confidence we would alongside any other piece of work we share is truly a full circle moment for us. Feeling as if we’ve been working to bury old material and leave it in the past and adding a whole new style for us into the mix at this stage has been almost therapeutic, challenging ourselves and pushing each other to new levels is now the norm for Void Of Vision and exactly where you’ll find the best material from Void Of Vision“.

Here it is:

To get you caught up on the band’s activity over the last year, here’s ‘VAMPYR’ from ‘CHRONICLES I: LUST:


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