Watch City and Colour’s Beautiful Video For ‘Meant To Be’

Dallas Green’s City and Colour recently released this heart-wrenching track, and the video just adds to it.

City and Colour recently released ‘Meant To Be’, a song that hits you square in the chest.

Written about the loss of a close friend suddenly, it is a perfect summation of all of the feelings that flow through the body whilst grieving, presented via a smokey and sensational piece of songwriting.

And now it has a video to match, which just adds to the beauty and drama.

A gorgeous performance littered with thoughtful and perfectly framed shots of Dallas deep in reflection, it is an accompaniment that elevates the material.

It’s hard not to get a bit choked up at it all.

Here it is:

The song is the first that City and Colour have shared since 2019’s ‘A Pill For Loneliness’.

Here’s ‘Astronaut’ from that very release:

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