Watch Don Broco Perform ‘Further’ Live With A Full Orchestra

Don Broco have released more footage of their special show at the Royal Albert Hall, and it’s a track that was made for the orchestral treatment.

Yes, Don Broco at the Royal Albert Hall did happen. You weren’t dreaming. It was amazing.

The band took to the iconic stage earlier this year with a full orchestra there to add an extra layer to their unique sound.

And there was one song that when they were putting together the setlist, they knew they had to feature.

That’s ‘Further’, one of the beautiful ballads that can be found on 2015’s ‘Automatic’.

It already features a flourish of orchestral flavours, but when that is extended to a full selection of instruments AND a choir, it takes it up to another level completely.

It was just one of so many special moments.

Here it is:

And here’s ‘Pretty’:

We chatted to the band for a special edition of Rock Sound around the release of the band’s latest album ‘Amazing Things’.

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