Watch Electric Callboy Spread The Love With Their New Video For ‘Arrow Of Love’

Electric Callboy’s new album ‘TEKKNO’ is out now, and they have shared another sensational visual to celebrate.

Electric Callboy have just released their new album ‘TEKKNO’. It is outrageous amounts of fun. Go and listen to it.

And to celebrate, they have shared a new video for another one of the record’s big moments. 

That moment is ‘Arrow Of Love’, a metalcore love song of the most gooey and gripping variety. 

The clip in question stars the band’s close friend and pop star Kalle Koschinsky, who takes on a cupid role shooting unsuspecting onlookers with plenty of passion and spreading the good word throughout Germany. 

It’s classic Callboy and will make you feel all warm on the inside. 

Here it is:

The band also teamed up with Kalle for a collaboration called ‘Castrop x Spandeau’ last year, which absolutely goes off. Here it is:

Electric Callboy are on the cover of Rock Sound this month! You can read the full story of their last couple of years by picking up a copy, and some world exclusive merch, from right HERE

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