Watch Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong Surprise Band On ‘Basket Case’ Cover

Green Day frontman Billie Joe Armstrong gave fans a special surprise over the weekend (May 13), popping up onstage in a pub in London for an impromptu live performance.

Billie was in the Slim Jims Liquor Store in the city when the band Borderline Toxic launched into a cover of 1994’s ‘Basket Case’. So, obviously, Billie had to jump onstage and join in alongside vocalist Kerry Glass .

Watch footage of the incredible moment below:

Borderline Toxic have since posted about the performance on social media, saying “The moment your band gets joined on stage by your childhood idol to sing their own song with you… in your favourite dive bar!! Billie Joe Armstrong… @greenday !! THANK YOU, YOU LEGEND! This was the first band to get me into rock when I was 11 years old and I’m honestly just so made up. brb crying/screaming/spewing.”

The band just released their new single ‘Sir Satan’ and you can check out the music video below:

As for Green Day, the band have been working on their upcoming new album in London, rumoured to be titled ‘1972’. They will headline When We Were Young Festival in Las Vegas this October.

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