Watch Paramore Perform ‘This Is Why’ Live On Jimmy Fallon

Paramore brought ‘This Is Why’ to late-night US TV, and made it sound all the more intricate and intense.

Paramore are very busy at the moment.

From plotting their touring schedule and headlining When We Were Young to making sure as many people as possible are ready for their new album, it’s a wonderful time to be a fan of the band.

And they have added to that now by playing on late-night TV.

The band have taken over the Late Show with Jimmy Fallon and performed ‘This Is Why’.

The song is already an earworm, but when performed live it takes on a whole new form. It is intricately delicate as well as whole-heartedly vibrant, every song from every instrument heard perfectly.

It’s an absolute masterclass, and you can check it out below:

And because there’s never a good excuse not to watch it, here is the track’s video directed by Turnstile’s Brendan Yates:

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