Watch Scene Queen’s Brilliantly Chaotic Video For ‘Pink Hotel’

Scene Queen’s new EP ‘Bimbocore Vol.2 is out now, and its closing track has been given a visual that perfectly embodies everything that makes her tick.

Scene Queen is rounding out 2022 with a new EP ‘Bimbocore Vol.2’, a continuation and expansion of her ethos and attitude.

It’s feral, fantastical and endlessly fun, not pulling any punches as it coats you in feather boas and furious breakdowns.

And the last track, ‘Pink Hotel’, feels like a culmination of everything that Scene Queen is. And the video matches that energy.

Outrageous as it gets, it is a combination of the sexiest and most surreal bits of her world, and it is a joy to behold.

Just click play and get stuck in. It’s a ride:

We caught up with Scene Queen backstage at Reading and Leeds Festival back in the Summer, which you can catch up with below:

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