Watch Slipknot Headline Wacken Open Air For The First Time

Slipknot headlined Wacken Open Air for the very first time this past Summer, and based on this footage, it was an absolute riot.

This past Summer, Slipknot topped the bill at Wacken Open Air for the very first time.

A moment that was not just special for those in attendance but also the band themselves, the emotions were clearly running high.

And the festival has released footage of three of the biggest moments from the set, and you can see just how special it was.

There’s ‘Before I Forget’, ‘Duality’ and ‘Spit It Out’, which all ignite absolute chaos in their own unique ways.

And you can tell by just how hard and fast the band are going just what it meant to be able to deliver these songs in such a place.

You can check it out for yourself below:

Slipknot released their latest album ‘The End, So Far’ earlier this year.

Here is ‘The Dying Song (Time To Sing)’:

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