Watch Taipei Houston’s Chaotic Video For ‘Respecter’

Taipei Houston’s debut album is out now, and it’s a chaotic burst of energy from two young stars.

Taipei Houston have just released their new album ‘Once Bit Never Bored’, and it is a testament to how much noise two people can make.

Frontman Layne Ulrich had this to say about it:

‘Once Bit Never Bored’ is “a dip into the way we see things.These songs came about at a time when we felt really upside down. I think they reflect a certain unease in the world right now.”

And drummer/guitarist Myles Ulrich had this to add:

“This record is about going up when everyone else goes down, going right when everyone else goes left. We hope it makes you dance and headbang at the same time, but either/or is fine!”

To celebrate, the lads have shared a video for one of the album’s highlights. That highlight is ‘Respecter’, a scuzzy burst of high-octane energy where you can feel the blood rushing through your veins whilst you’re listening to it.

And the video matches that energy, with the pair playing in the back of a van and bouncing off the walls.

It’s fun, frantic and fantastic, and it’s a perfect starting point for a band with a big future.

Here it is:

We chatted to the band all about the album via Video Call, which you can catch up with below:

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