Watch The Wonder Years’ Live Version Of ‘Laura & The Beehive’

The Wonder Years have performed their beautiful track at sunset in the middle of a sunflower field, and it is utterly perfect.

The Wonder Years have shared a new live video, which is incredibly special.

Vocalist Dan Campbell and guitarist Nick Steinborn made a trip to a field full of sunflowers to perform ‘Laura & The Beehive’.

A song about mourning the people that are gone as much as celebrating and loving the people who are still here, the vulnerability and beauty of the track shines brighter than ever when played in such an environment.

It’s things like this that serve as the firmest reminder of what a special band The Wonder Years are.

Here it is:

The song appears on the band’s new album ‘The Hum Goes On Forever’, which is out now via Hopeless Records.

Here’s their gorgeous documentary ‘Coughing Up Embers’:

We spoke to Dan all about the record and so much more in a special edition of Rock Sound, which you can pick up WORLDWIDE from right HERE

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