Watch Trivium’s Epic Video For ‘The Shadow Of The Abbatoir’

Trivium have given one of the standouts on ‘In The Court of The Dragon’ its own movie, and it is a triumph in every sense.

Trivium have shared a new video for one of the biggest tracks from last year’s ‘In The Court Of The Dragon’, and they have gone all in for it.

Like, this is a movie.

The song itself is the best parts of the band smashed together, with undeniable melodies and rip-roaring riffs aplenty.

And the epic nature of the track influences the video, which shows off a journey just as epic.

Starting with the discovery of a mysterious book and ending in something truly unexpected, it is a motion picture in every sense.

Director Pavel Trebukhin had this to say about it:

Making a video for a band you grew up listening to is a dream come true. ‘Don’t go searching for the battle, you won’t find any beasts to slay’ – I think this line is what stood out the most to me. I knew I had to somehow visualise this message.

Being a fan of dark science fiction, fantasy, and heavily inspired by the ’80s world of Stranger Things, I came up with this idea of a haunted book that holds a secret nobody should know. But because of our human nature, we never know when to stop, so the book keeps feeding off our curious souls, taking one victim after another.

One of the main challenges we’ve faced was how do we make copyright-free book illustrations? It would cost tons of money and time to draw all of them from scratch, so the technology came to help. All of the illustrations you see in the book were 100% AI generated with the help of Midjourney Bot. Then, the whole book was custom made and was actually finished just one hour before the shoot.

Overall, we had lots of fun making it. Wouldn’t be possible without the amazing team that has worked tirelessly for 3 days shooting it. And pay attention to detail, you might find a couple easter eggs hidden throughout the video :)”

Here we go. Strap in:

‘In The Court Of The Dragon’ is out now via Roadrunner Records.

Here’s the unreal title track:

We spoke to vocalist Matt Heafy for a special edition of Rock Sound, telling his and the band’s story from beginning to now.

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