Watch Waterparks’ Gorgeous Video For ‘FUCK ABOUT IT’

Waterparks’ new video is directed by Awsten Knight and Erik Rojas and is a bold, bright, beautiful piece of art.

Waterparks have shared a visual for their latest single ‘FUCK ABOUT IT’, and it is amazing.

Directed by Awsten Knight and Erik Rojas, who is responsible for visuals from Chase Atlantic and Dillon Francis, it is a beautiful look inside some truly creative minds.

Part high art, part performance, part intense theatre, it is an incredible creation that is deserves multiple views just to see all of the intricacies and artifacts.

Have a watch of it for yourself below:

The track is going to appear on the band’s upcoming album ‘INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY’, which will be released in the Spring of next year.

Here’s ‘FUNERAL GREY’ which will also appear on it:

And here’s ‘SELF-SABOTAGE’:

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