Watch Waterparks Play A New Song Called ‘Real Super Dark’ Live For The First Time

Waterparks are out with My Chemical Romance at the moment, and they are treating those in attendance to some brand new music.

Waterparks are currently living the dream and supporting My Chemical Romance in the US. 

Just look at their banner, it’s incredible:

Anyway, to celebrate the fact that they are out and bringing the noise to a whole new audience, the band have played a brand new song that hasn’t been heard anywhere else before. 

It’s called ‘Real Super Dark’, and it is chaotic brilliance. 

Bold, brash and brimming with vocal samples and stark admissions. All of the things that make Waterparks so special. 

Here we have fan footage from when it was premiered at the show at the MVP Arena in Albany, New York:

It’s one of two new unreleased songs in the band’s set, the second being ‘BRAINWASHED’.

Here’s a little clip of that:

And here’s current single ‘SELF-SABOTAGE’:

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