Watch Will Ramos’ One-Take Performance Of Lorna Shore’s ‘Immortal’

Will Ramos has gone into the archives to deliver his latest one-take, and it is, once again, undeniably brilliant.

Will Ramos is using his time off to great effect by delivering a brand new One-Take vocal performance.

And it’s for a Lorna Shore classic.

Taken from the band’s 2020 album of the same name, released just before Will started standing in on vocals for the band, it is a massively requested track for him to lay his style of vocals down on.

And he delivers. Oh, he delivers.

The song itself continues to be utterly epic. Grand and gritty and guttural in all the best ways. And when Will lets loose in the way that the track needs, it is spine-tingling.

To continue to watch somebody deliver such a high level of talent so consistently, and make it look so effortless, is nothing short of a joy.

Especially when the music in question is so vital.

Here it is. Soak it in:

And here he is covering Chelsea Grin with Nik Nocturnal, just because:

Lorna Shore’s new album ‘Pain Remains’ is out now and is unreal.

Here’s ‘Cursed To Die’:

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