Watch Woe, Is Me’s First Show In Nine Years

Woe, Is Me are well and truly back now, after performing for the first time since their reunion earlier this year.

Woe, Is Me announced their return to the limelight earlier this year, with the reunion line-up of Michael Bohn, Hance Alligood, Kevin Hanson, Cory Ferris, Ben Ferris, Andrew Paiano and Austin Thornton.

And their first show was scheduled to be at the Monster Mosh all-dayer in Dallas this weekend.

Well. it happened, and it was huge.

Playing songs from both 2010’s ‘Number[s]’ and 2012’s ‘Genesi[s]’, it served as a celebration of the band’s history as well as a firm statement of intent that they aren’t here to mess about.

Tight, brutal and enough to make you smile from ear to ear, it’s good to have them back.

You can watch some fan-shot footage of the show below. Get comfy and have a lovely time:

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