Waterparks Team Up With blackbear On ‘FUCK ABOUT IT’

Waterparks and blackbear’s first-ever collaboration is everything you would want and so much more.

Waterparks have released a new track, and it features their good friend blackbear.

It’s called ‘FUCK ABOUT IT’, and has all of the makings of a hit.

As insanely danceable as it is relatable, the pair talk through the ups and downs (excuse the pun) of a dysfunctional relationship and how things always end up going in circles.

It shows off the best of both parties, and is the sort of song you’re going to hear absolutely everywhere over the next few months.

Have a little listen to it for yourself below:

The band recently released a new version of their track ‘SELF-SABOTAGE’ featuring Good Charlotte.

That sounds a lot like this:

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