Weezer Release Final ‘SZNZ’ EP ‘Winter’

The last in Weezer’s series of seasonal EPs is here, and it takes things right back to the beginning of the band in a big way.

Weezer have completed their special series of EPs that they titled ‘SZNZ’, released on the solstice of every season over the course of the year.

And they are seeing things out with a serious bang.

‘Winter’ finds the band embracing the cosiness of the seasons and delivering sounds that would perfectly fit at the very beginning of their career as much as their later years.

There’s songs that would be well at home on the ‘Blue’ album, a ‘Pinkerton’ excursion and a couple of glittery ‘Make Believe’ and ‘Green’ album moments too.

It’s a lovely way to round out what has been a fascinating and fantastic project, and one that shows that you should never nail Weezer down to one thing, ever.

Here’s their new video for ‘Dark Enough To See The Stars’:

And here’s what it looked like when they performed ‘I Want A Dog’ on Jimmy Kimmel:

Here is the the full SZNZ series for you to enjoy:

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