XL Life Announce Debut Album ‘The Boogie Down South’

XL Life’s debut album is coming next month, and you’re going to absolutely love it. Trust us.

XL Life have announced that they are kicking off 2023 with the release of their debut album.

It’s going to be called ‘The Boogie Down South’ and will be dropping on January 27 via Venn Records.

Vocalist Traxx had this to say about the band’s ethos that sits at the centre of the record:

“It’s all about living an Xtra Large Life, but in a context that holds longevity. Being that this is our whole mission statement, we’ve had to do the very thing that we didn’t want to do, which is to step back from the band until we are in a stable place. Placing our healing journey before anything else. We take the stance that anything is possible. Full restoration and recovery is possible. It might take some time and it will be painful but we are not here to repeat the wounds of the past.”

The artwork looks like this:

They’ve also shared a new track in the form of ‘Baby Steps’, a raw and rallying call for what it means to make progress in life in your own way.

It also features Bob Vylan who add their own layer of intensity to the proceedings.

Traxx had this to say about it:

We knew this song had to be made, because we had all been going through some heavy stuff outside of the band. The band has been stop-start/stop-start the whole time, trying to prioritise our health and coming up against some really traumatic circumstances, so this song had to address that. The healing journey. Baby steps. Holding onto the promises.

“Given we need a long pause after this release to focus on our health and recovery, we chose this song to be the lead single from the album and present it to the world. It’s our band’s message encapsulated in one song.”

And this about the inclusion of Bob Vylan:

“We always felt a kinship with Bob because of his message, his boldness, and his morals, so with this song we took the opportunity to have him on the album and co-sign each other’s work. We will support him to the end.”

Enough talk, here we go:

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