You Me At Six Reveal Details Of New Album ‘Truth Decay’

It’s time. You Me At Six’s new album is almost here.

After all of the build-up, the teasing, the anticipation. It’s time.

You Me At Six have revealed when their new album ‘Truth Decay’ will be here.

And the answer is January 27 via Underdog Records / AWAL Recordings.

Vocalist Josh Franceschi had this to say about it:

The album generally is the band doing all the things that we as a band think we’re good at and just embellishing them and finessing those ideas and just trying to do retrospective, quintessential YMAS but in 2022 and give that a new lease of life. 

For us we saw people around us, our peers and some new blood coming through that were doing emo rock music again and we thought ‘well we know how to do that and we want the world to know how we do it’.”

The artwork looks like this:

And the tracklisting like this:

02. Mixed Emotions (I Didn’t Know How to Tell You What I Was Going Through)
03. God Bless The 90s Kids
04. After Love In The After Hours
05. No Future? Yeah Right feat. Rou Reynolds
06. heartLESS
07. Who Needs Revenge When I’ve Got Ellen Rae
08. Breakdown
09. Traumatic Iconic
10. :mydopamine:
11. A Smile To Make You Weak(er) At The Knees
12. Ultraviolence
13. A Love Letter to Those Who Feel Lost feat. Cody Frost

They’ve also shared a new track, and it is fucking great.

It’s track two, ‘Mixed Emotions (I Didn’t Know How to Tell You What I Was Going Through)’ and is a stark and insanely catchy piece of old school pop-punk brilliance. Embodying the energy of every chapter of the band’s story, it is YMAS at their best.

Here it is:

You can also hear ‘DEEP CUTS’ right now:


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