Yours Truly Release lo-fi EP ‘is this what i lofi?’

Yours Truly have reimagined their latest EP ‘is this what i look like?’ into a beautiful, delicate and dreamy study essential.

Yours Truly have shared a new version of their recent EP ‘is this what i look like?’, and it’s something a bit special.

It’s lo-fi.

The band have reimagined all seven of the songs on the record into something truly beautiful. Low-key, tranquil and perfect for those quiet moments, it shows of the vulnerability of the EP perfectly whilst also feeling like the perfect blissed-out accompaniment to it.

The band had this to say about it:

“After working on an interactive game for our EP is this what i look like? we wanted to add lofi versions of all our songs to the game as we all like to listen to chill lofi playlists while we game. After hearing the tracks we all thought “this needs to come out as a whole EP release” and that was how is this what i lofi? came to be! People can listen to the original tracks to be hyped, but if they want something a little more chill – we have these versions now.”

And here they are:

And you can play the aforementioned game right HERE

We chatted to the band when they were in the UK earlier this year all about the EP, and you can catch up with it below:

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