Zero 9:36 Teams Up With Scarlxrd For ‘The End III’

Zero 9:36 is concluding his trio of tracks with a huge collaboration with none other than Scarlxrd.

Zero 9:36 is concluding his ‘The End’ series of tracks in some serious style.

The third and final installment is as harsh and hard as it gets, and that is in part thanks to Scarlxrd jumping on it.

Bringing his own brand of aggression to proceedings, it takes the energy up to another gear and bounces off Zero perfectly.

He had this to say about the collaboration:

Scarlxrd and I made this a heavy one. It’s been a long time coming, and I’m excited for our fans to hear it. I’m even more excited to play this on the upcoming UK tour.

And here it is:

To get you all caught up, here’s ‘The End’:

And here’s ‘The End / Undead’ with Hollywood Undead:

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