Beauty School Dropout, ‘Ready To Eat’ | Track By Track

Beauty School Dropout guide us through the making of their sophomore album ‘Ready To Eat’, out now via Verswire.

Photo: Skyler Wagoner

I loved you

“This track is about a being in a relationship with someone who constantly lets their mental health get in their own way and blaming everything and everyone else possible until it crashes and burns completely. As someone who is no stranger to self sabotaging themselves I originally wrote I love you as a reassurance that none of those issues could drive me away. That was until finding out there were multiple other people seeing that same person & having the same issues. At that point the song turned into I love(d) you & I turned to the next page.”

dying to be you

“‘dying to be you’ is an all encompassing reflection on our (poor) mental health at the time. It was our attempt at shaking hands with the feeling of imposter syndrome. As a band on the come up we constantly find ourselves in experiences or surrounded by our role models in settings that feel too surreal for us & sometimes that feeling eats you alive.”

blow my high

“‘blow my high’ is about searching for happiness in substances that can only mend that feeling with a temporary fix.”


“‘FREAK’ is somewhat of an ironic take on being the outcast. We wanted the sonics to bring an uplifting and positive emotion towards the negative feeling of being the outcast. We’re at a point in our lives where we’ve realize being the odd ones out is like having a super power that no one can replicate and that in an of itself is worth loving yourself for.”

beautiful waste

“‘beautiful waste’ is about chasing that relationship that is built to fail. Everyone has that someone that they would bend over backwards for…but you might not see the love returned. To sum it up…’I can take you out for breakfast, but he can take you around the world’.”

one night stand you

“Much like drugs I believe love (or lust) is a substance that can just as easily be turned into a crutch to alleviate the pains of life. Admittedly not the healthiest approach to romance but undeniably something I think we’ve all experienced one way or another. ‘one night stand you’ is about compromising your own standards for someone who is not worth the time nor energy.”

scarlett letter

“In simplest terms, this song is about infidelity and forfeiting the life you spent so long building for a shallow moment of lust.”

heart of gold

“This song is probably my favorite. Growing up I had big dreams and often times had friends or peers telling me how unlikely it would be to accomplish anything other than a mundane traditional life style. I never believed a word they said and now look where we’re at! Ironically those same people reach out for tickets or favors or to congratulate me more now than ever. ‘heart of gold’ is about the importance of persistence and chasing your dreams no matter what the circumstances are holding you down.”

thanks for nothing

“This one was actually the beautiful brainchild of our dear friend Jager Bonham. We showed him the outro and he literally freestyled that entire vocal on top and we thought it was so funny we decided to keep it on the album.”

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