Brave Liaison’s Bands You Need To Hear | New Discoveries

Brave Liaison have just dropped their new EP ‘Will This Hold Together?’ via Fort Records. Frontman Tom Lumley guides us through some of the bands that he is most excited about right now.

Kid Kapichi

“Including these boys was a no brainer for us as their work ethic is something we see in ourselves. They’ve worked relentlessly and are starting to reap the rewards. ‘New England’ is still a favourite for us.”


“Snayx are easily one of the most exciting bands in the U.K. right now. Much like Kid Kapichi they have that raw alternative punk sound with a phat bass running through the tracks which we just love. Check out ‘Boys in Blue’ and you won’t regret it.”

Pool Kids

“We owe it to our bro Nels Hylton for this one. Pool Kids are insanely good and you can see exactly why Hayley Williams backed them. If you like your math rock you’ll love them.”


“What we love about BEX is she has the whole package, from writing bangers to creating all her own outfits, she’s a genius. We’ve had the pleasure of seeing her live and the energy in the room was high. Her new EP just dropped and it slaps.”


“We’ve been following Blaze for years now and she continues to grow into an artist that you just know is going to be huge. She recently released a track with OmenXIII called ‘Lovesick’ and it’s had us hooked since it’s release.”

Boston Manor

“Far from a discovery now for most people but we just had to give them a nod as we love them. It’s all about the lyrics, they write tracks that feel so real and really hit hard keeping you locked in. ‘I Don’t Like People’ is a perfect example of just that.”


“For us this is an artist that perfectly resembles the underground scene that is growing in the U.K. right now. The riffs are heavy and she has the vocal to match. Check out ‘Dead’ to see what we mean.”

About Bunny

“About Bunny are currently growing fast but they’ve had us hooked right from their first single ‘Special’ in 2020. Our biggest regret to date is not having seen them live and can’t wait to change that.”

Brave Liaison’s ‘Will This Hold Together?’ EP is out now.

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