Destroy Boys’ Tour Essentials

Ahead of their US run with Pierce The Veil and L.S. Dunes, Destroy Boys’ vocalist Alexia Roditis talks us through 10 items they cannot hit the road without.

Photo: Ambar Navarro


“I love listening to music and podcasts while walking around the neighborhood I’m in. Plus I have a hard time sleeping when people are snoring, so podcasts and rain sounds are my saviors.”

Yerba Mate

“My beverage of choice for the morning. Helps get my day started and connect with my family and heritage.”

Head Massager

“Super random. Those ones you get from the dollar store work perfectly. Tour takes a toll on your body, the loud music can pound your head. I find using these silly head massagers makes me feel so good after a long day.”


“Crocs are good for the sketchy showers you find on tour, they’re good for slipping on when you forgot something in the van, and they are quite a statement. A new tour necessity for me.”

A Good Fiction Book

“Healthy escapism!”

Personal Sex Toys



“Aside from the classic “me and my band stink and need something to help mask the smell” reason, I love having something that smells good with me on tour. I think it was Travis Barker who always had incense going on in his green room, and man walking though it was a vibe shifter!! I use rosemary usually.”

Ginger Tea & Honey

“Truly a must for every singer. I put hot water and honey in my thermos to keep on stage. Super soothing.”

Something That Reminds Me Of My Bed

“Sometimes it’s a pillow, or a sarong, or a blanket. Just something cozy to remind me of home.”

A Bluetooth Speaker

“Turn any green room into a disco, any parking lot into a club.”

Destroy Boys will support Pierce The Veil on their US tour, beginning this November.

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