Kids In Glass Houses’ Tour Essentials

Ahead of their highly anticipated reunion tour, Kids In Glass Houses frontman Aled Phillips talks us through the ten items he cannot hit the road without.

Photo: Corinne Cumming

Nespresso Machine

“Some of our touring party are hard into coffee so there’s a lot of Aeropressing going on. I personally don’t fuck with that laborious science, so a Nespresso for fast and reliable coffee is my weapon of choice for caffeine. We keep it compostable with Grind pods.”

Throat Coat

“Not a sponsored post (unless they see it and want to). It’s a herbal tea from the States that is for vocalists. I drink it with honey by the bucketload before and during shows and it makes your throat feel slippery and silky smooth.”

Good Noise Cancelling Headphones

“Tour buses are just instruments of chaos so if you want to get the best possible sleep and rest or just mute the world for a while, these are an essential. Bus drivers can also be a special breed so this will help with selective hearing.”


“Not just because they do everything to make sure our shows happen but because they do literally EVERYTHING to make sure anything at all happens with us. Building a team of people around you that can become your family and rein in your bullshit is basically alchemy because you’re juggling so many personalities and you’re in an enclosed space so when you get it right, hold on to it for dear life. We took a 9 year holiday from touring and managed to coerce the same gang of idiots into joining us again and we wouldn’t have it any other way. We love ‘em and touring isn’t the same without them.”


“I am old now so I just can’t be doing without this in every day life, let alone whilst living on a mobile air-conditioned tin can with 15 men. Kiehl’s works for me.”


“If you’re on the road for a while, the chances are you’re going to get into a situation where you’re looking for the cleanest dirty thing in your clothes collection just so you can step out into public life. Febreze is your friend/half-arsed laundrette.”

Film Cameras

“It’s just nice to have physical memories of all these times rather than them languishing in your camera roll or on your grid.”


“Maximum comfort for your off-duty time. Joggers, big hoodies, robes. Whatever works for you – you’ve just got to be overwhelmingly comfortable.”


“Nobody needs their bare feet being exposed to the floor of the bus or any bathroom in any UK venue. Also a suit and Crocs is effectively the pinnacle of a smart casual sartorial vibe.”

Pot Noodle

“Bad for you? Definitely. Essential? Absolutely. Pot Noodles are made in Wales and so are we so there’ll always be at least one Bombay Bad Boy or Chicken and Mushroom rolling around a cupboard on the bus for emergencies.”

Kids In Glass Houses kick off their ‘Smart Casual’ 15th anniversary tour this October. Check out the full list of dates below:


Sun 15 – Glasgow – SWG3

Mon 16 – Manchester – Manchester Academy 2

Tue 17 – Birmingham – O2 Institute

Wed 18  – London – O2 Forum Kentish Town

Fri 20 – Bristol – O2 Academy Bristol

Sat 21 – Cardiff – Cardiff University Great Hall

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