Lacey’s 2023 Playlist | New Discoveries

Fresh from the release of new album ‘This Is All We Are’, Lacey guide us through some of the songs that have got them most excited so far this year.

Bring Me the Horizon – ‘Lost'

Graz – “What an unstoppable force of energy this tune is. Lyrically savage but defiantly uplifting. This is definitely one to throw on first thing in the morning and get yourself fired up for the day. It’s been such a journey for these guys and we’ve been lucky to witness an amazing evolution. This band can do no wrong.”

Lacey – ‘Dream In a Little Less Colour’

Graz – “Arguably, the shining showpiece of our new record, this track encapsulates everything Lacey are in 4 minutes. It’s dark, it’s self-deprecating, energetic and powerful. The perfect track for anyone going through it, this one will definitely lift your mood.”

Paramore – ‘This is Why’

Graz – “I feel like I’ve had this record on repeat the last few months, there’s something new I discover on every listen. Such a refreshing new direction yet still maintains the fundamentals that make up Paramore. Absolute belter.”

Enter Shikari – ‘(pls) set me on fire’

Dave – “Shikari just casually blowing the roof off like they do with their comeback single. What a banger, on yet another album full of beautifully crafted, inimitable, fierce bangers. We were lucky enough to play some shows with Enter Shikari not too long ago and they were lovely lads. Their shows are wild, I’d go as far as to say they’re the best live band out there at the moment. Nobody comes close.”

Fall Out Boy – ‘Hold Me Like A Grudge’

Dave – “Welcome back, Fall Out Boy. I liked their post-hiatus stuff, but I don’t think even they would argue that maybe they veered off into uncharted territory, for better or worse. This though, and the album from which is stomps – ‘So Much (For) Stardust’ – is FOB doing what they do best: guitars up loud, soaring, syllable-heavy Patrick Stump hooks, and just the knack to make me shake my arse like few others can.”

Microwave – ‘Ferrari’

Dave – “Microwave are fast becoming one of my favourite bands ever. Nathan Hardy is a phenomenal, poignant, brilliantly cynical lyricist and they have this ability to seamlessly sway between hazy shoe-gazing tenderness to gut-punching screams and riffs. I can’t wait for their new record.”

Hot Mulligan – ‘No Shoes in the Coffee Shop (Or Socks)’

Josh – “I have completely fallen head over heels in love with this band. They just are everything I love about alt/emo music, and I’ll happily put their whole back catalog on repeat all day. This is a belter off their latest record, the chorus drop makes me feel stuff everytime I hear it! Also their song names are the best.”

Sleep Token – ‘The Summoning’

Josh – “The new Sleep Token record is a monster of an album, a solid 10/10. They’ve found the perfect balance of what makes Sleep Token so great. Simply put, this record makes you feel every part of it. This track, Chokehold, is so full of riffs that you have to rock out to it, wherever you are.”

Listen to Lacey’s new album ‘This Is All We Are’ below:

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