ONI, ‘The Silver Line’ | Track By Track

ONI’s Jake Oni guides us track by track through their latest album ‘The Silver Line’, out now via Ironshore.

Photo: Travis Shinn


“‘Silhouette’ was one of the first songs I wrote for the album, together with Josh Gilbert. I started playing it out on tour this year, and the crowd response was so sick. I’ve really been enjoying doing clean vocals with heavier elements added in, vs just screaming the main vocal parts. ‘Silhouette’ was a lot of fun to write and I love playing it live.”

Spark (Ft Sueco)

“I love the chorus of this song, and was stoked to have Sueco feature on the track. I was actually in LA for rehearsals when Sueco came to the studio to track it with my producer Joe. He nailed his parts and the song turned out so sick! We managed to get back together this summer to shoot the coolest video for it.”

Underneath My Skin (Ft Kellin Quinn)

“It was really great to collaborate with yet another amazing artist such as Kellin Quinn for this one. I was listening to a lot of Linkin Park when I wrote this song, they have always been a big influence on me, so maybe a bit of that influence shows through on this song.”

Silence In A Room Of Lies (Ft Jared Dines)

“Jared and I got to hang out together earlier this year through one of our mutual friends. He’s such an epic guitar player and when writing this song, I knew I needed a real shredder on it so Jared became the man. When we were in the studio, I was blown away by how quickly he nailed the solo!  We’ve become great homies throughout this year and I was able to feature on one of his original songs a couple weeks ago. I was stoked to be part of that collab with some other amazing vocalists.”


“This was another song that was written early in the writing process of this album, and one of the first songs I wrote with Josh Gilbert. I wanted something fast and heavy to incorporate into the live show. It was originally meant to be the first single for the campaign until we changed track and switched up to ‘Silence In A Room Of Lies’. I played this song on the Megadeth tour back in April and the crowd went fucking crazy for it. So I know I’ll keep it in the live show moving forward.”

The Dread (Ft Sikth)

“My neighbour introduced me to the band Sikth and their singer Justin.  I instantly became a fan of his vocals and knew I had to get him on an ONI track. I can definitely say that I’m glad I did, because he really brought the song to a whole new level. It’s incredible how a song that I already love becomes even more special to me when someone as talented as Justin contributes a verse to it.”

Aura (Ft Howard Jones & Josh Gilbert)

“I first met Howard on tour a while ago, and we’ve just been mates ever since. He’s been a huge inspiration and mentor to me, so this song is super special. We shot the video in the same location as the one for ‘Spark’, with it being a sort of prequel and scene setter for the ‘Spark’ video. Josh and I have been writing together for a while now, and we were really stoked on what his vocal adds to this song.”

Armageddon (Ft Michael Lessard)

“I was on tour with a buddy of mine and he introduced me to Michael Lessard of The Contortionist. We asked him to be on this song and his vocals elevated this song significantly. One of my favorite things about the ONI project is collaborating with so many awesome people and Michael is no exception. This song is a monster, one of the most powerful tracks on the record.”

Burns My Soul

“This one was written in an awkward key, and was originally intended to be the intro to the record. However, as the song progressed, it began to take on a new life and eventually I felt it would be better as the album closer. It leaves the fans with a sound and vibe that I want to have as the lasting impression of ONI.”

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