Rough Justice | Tour Essentials

As they hit the road with Malevolence across the UK, Rough Justice tells us about the essential items that they cannot leave for tour without.


“We’re all partial to a cold, crisp lager when we’re on the road. There’s nothing better than having one after we’ve played as a bit of a reward but, it’s much more than that for us – it’s a necessity. That’s because, without a few lagers before he plays, Harry can’t remember any of our songs.”

Lamb Madras

“Despite years of asking, we’ve still never received a vat of a rich lamb madras as part of our rider. We have to make do and usually just ask locals where the best curry house is for after the gig.”

Vibe Preservers

“Often referred to simply as ‘friends’, we love taking vibe preservers on tour with us to help keep spirits high. We’re extremely lucky to have an incredible range of vibe preservers available to us at all times.”

Tiger Balm

“Right, a serious one now. Tiger balm is a bit like deep heat but better. It’s a herbal equivalent that’s great for preventing a hangover the day after a show.”

Too Many Pants

“Anyone whose ever stayed away from home for one night or more will be with us on this one. You must always have too many pairs of pants. What if you lose the others? What if your mate who didn’t pack too many pants needs to borrow some of your pants? Always have too many pairs of pants.”


“We’re huge fans of music and all share similar tastes. However, we also all like to mix it up a bit so having a range of playlists locked in and ready to go is a must for when we’re travelling. I’m looking forward to seeing what we conjure up for when we’re on the road in February.”

Sleep Soundscapes

“I struggle to sleep without some sort of soothing soundscape, especially if I’m not in my own bed. My favourite at the minute is called “10 Hours of a Fallout 4 Thunderstorm a Glass of Whiskey and Smooth Jazz”.

Printed Setlists

“Despite being a band for over 10 years, some of us still don’t know the names of our own songs. So, thinking about it, printed setlists aren’t really that much use to us after all but we do it anyway.”

Instruments And Gear

“Most of you probably know that, professional musicians like ourselves, need instruments in order to play live. Forget them and you’re screwed. It has happened before.”

Addresses Of Venues

“Again, it may seem silly but you need to know where you’re going. Always make sure you check the address as well. We once played Audio in Glasgow and ended up at a hi-fi shop. True story.”

Catch Rough Justice on tour with Malevolence at the below dates:


02 – Stoke, Sugarmill

03 – Cardiff, Tramshed

04 – Brighton, Concord

05 – Wolverhampton, KK’s Steel Mill

06 – Colchester, Arts Centre

08 – Norwich, Epic Studios

09 – Newcastle, Students Union

10 – Leeds, Beckett University

11 – Nottingham, Rescue Rooms

12 – Liverpool, Academy

13 – Edinburgh, La Belle Angele

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