Telltale’s Tour Essentials

Photo by Ally Rose Cassidy

As they prepare for their headline tour this July, including an appearance at 2000 Trees Festival, Telltale reveal the 10 key items they cannot hit the road without, from heating pads to some snazzy looking water bottles.

Wallet, Phone, Keys

“We always make sure everyone has their wallet, phone, and van keys before leaving literally anywhere on tour. Those are 3 things we cannot operate without and thus all makes sure we have them with us.”

Reusable Rude Records Water Bottle

“Our record label, Rude Records, sent us all reusable water bottles last Christmas. We use them consistently on tour, and they’ve helped us cut down on our plastic footprint tremendously.”

Heating Pad

“Hard work necessitates hard recovery so we have a heating pad handy in the green room in case our muscles tighten up.”


“When you’re living life in the fast lane you need a shoe that is fast, reliable and versatile. Every member of our band brings a pair of crocs on tour.for the comfortability and style.”

Your Own Pillow & Blanket

“It’s the closest thing you’ll have to sleeping in your own bed.”

Mall Chain

“We all bought these trashy $20 mall kiosk chains on our first tour and they’ve become a staple for us to keep in the van. It’s a great way to let mom know you’re doing well in photos.”

Apple Laptop

“Our faithful 5th unofficial member Mac-Mac. Commonly used for backtracks, merch designs, and emails.”

Throat Coat

“We all drink this before performances to keep our vocal chords fresh and it’s a great alternative to soda/alcohol.”

EZ Pass

“It seems like you have to pay to drive on any road from Baltimore to Boston so we keep an EZ Pass handy in the van for all those pesky Northeast tolls.”


“This is ironically the last item on the list, but arguably the most important. Gotta keep fresh as we’re ripping gigs.”

Check out Telltale’s list of summer UK tour dates below:

6th July – Manchester, Satans Hollow 

7th July – Cheltenham, 2000 Trees Festival 

11th July – Bournemouth, Anvil 

12th July – London, Boston Music Rooms

13th July – Birmingham, Asylum2

14th July – Glasgow, The Garage Attic 

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