Dark Divine Drop Video For ‘Cold’ From New ‘Deadly Fun’ Album

Dark Divine have shared a video for ‘Cold’, one of the tracks from their brand-new debut album ‘Deadly Fun’.

The new LP is out now via Thriller Records and contains the likes of prior singles ‘Drown’ and ‘Dancing Dead’. 

The video for ‘Cold’ has a suitably chilling theme, set in a church at vocalist Anthony Martinez’ own funeral. 

Have a watch and a listen below.

The video’s theatrics bears a theme that features throughout the new, as the record explores different types of death from emotional, spiritual and literal.

Describing that further and the context of ‘Cold’ in particular, Martinez has said:

“Each song has its own message but the whole album is based on different individuals’ fear of literal, spiritual, or emotional death. 

“It explores what it’s like going through daily life and never knowing what’s around the corner, down a hallway, or in the basement. 

“Like walking through a mystery funhouse or a creepy carnival. It’s fun but also terrifying at times. Without that fear, everything would be taken for granted.”

“‘Cold’ is a song about acknowledging when love is not present in a relationship. There comes a point in any unhealthy relationship where one realizes that things aren’t healthy. 

“This song is meant to captivate the emotion and liberation of acknowledging that someone is bad for you and cutting them out of your life.”

‘Deadly Fun’ was produced by Zach Jones, whose prior credits includes the likes of Chelsea Grin, We Came As Romans and Fit For A King.

See the full album track-listing below.

1. Deadly Fun

2. Drown

3. Cold

4. Terrifier 

5. Dancing Dead 

6. Paper Crown (feat. Bryan Kuznitz of Fame on Fire

7. Hive Mind

8. Grave Digger

9. Moving On

10. The Reaper

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