That Iconic Cough At The Beginning Of All Time Low’s ‘Dear Maria’ Almost Wasn’t On The Track

An (almost) travesty.

It’s iconic. It’s irreplacable. It’s the cough at the beginning of All Time Low's ‘Dear Maria’. But it almost didn’t make it on to the final recording, Alex Gaskarth and Jack Barakat have revealed.

Talking through the story behind ‘Dear Maria’ for All Time Low’s 4 Track History with Rock Sound, Alex shared, “The funniest thing about that one was the cough. The cough has become such a signature thing in our catalogue I guess, and it’s kind of referenced as a ‘culture moment’ for the scene. And like, it makes me laugh, because it was something I vehemently didn’t want to do – I just cleared my throat literally to sing a take, and Matt Squire was like, ‘I think we should leave that in’. All of us were like, ‘No! We should not!’, and he was so insistent on us leaving it in, and sure enough it’s very much become its own moment. So well done, Matt Squire!”

Jack also added that he never picked ‘Dear Maria’ as the breakout single for the band, sharing “The funny part about ‘Dear Maria’ is that I feel like there’s other songs on the record that personally at least I thought could have been a bigger song, or a bigger breakout song for us.”

“We didn’t even lead with that as the single.” Alex quipped.

“I always thought that ‘Vegas’ or ‘Six Feet [Under The Stars]’ would kind of take us to that next level,” Jack added. “But it ended up being ‘Dear Maria’, so that was the dark horse of the album.”

Check out All Time Low’s full 4 Track History below:

And turn this bad boy up today:

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