Alpha Wolf Drop Dissonant New Track ’60cm Of Steel’ Featuring Holding Absence

The final piece of Alpha Wolf and Holding Absence’s new split ‘The Lost & The Longing’ is here.

Alpha Wolf have shared a new track, and it’s the final piece of their brilliant new split project with Holding Absence, ‘The Lost & The Longing’. 

And it’s an absolute fucking annihilator.

It’s called ’60cm of Steel’ and combines the brute force of Alpha Wolf with the piercing atmosphere of Holding Absence perfectly.

It’s gritty, dark, emotional and shocking, and the video is all of those things amplified by a thousand. 

Guitarist Sabian Lynch had this to say:

“When writing during lockdown, we wrote the instrumental for 60cm and didn’t quite know where it’d sit for us, we loved it but didn’t know how to move forward with it. That wasn’t until we had the idea of the Split EP with Holding Absence and knew this would be incredible with Lucas’ voice helping us out. This collaboration made this song one of our most powerful yet and teaming up with Holding Absence helped us convey everything we wanted when building this track.

“We teamed up with Third Eye Visuals yet again for the visuals but this time approached the video with a more cinematic look rather than what we’re known for when teaming up, we love to throw curve balls occasionally.

“Ben (Third Eye Visuals) really took the lyrics on board when piecing together the ideas for this music video and we love how it came together, he managed to portray our idea of the extent that artists go for their art perfectly, because often in todays world it feels as though you need to really invoke some inner demons just to create what is to be deemed as “successful art””

Have a listen and be warned, this is a video that is Not Safe For Work:

As part of the EP, both bands guested on each other’s songs. 

Here is Holding Absence’s offering ‘Aching Longing’:

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