Casey Release Stunning New Track ‘Great Grief’

After announcing their return last week, Casey have now released their first new music in four years. And it’s so good to have them back.

After three years away from it, Casey announced their return last week with a group of shows in the UK and Germany.

And they have now released a new track, their first since 2018’s ‘Where Do I Go When I Am Sleeping?’

It’s called ‘Great Grief’ and is so beautiful.

A serene, heartfelt, crushing piece of emotionally stunning post-hardcore, it’s a song that talks about the feelings that they band went through during their time away from it, and the payoff is truly euphoric.

Vocalist Tom Weaver had this to say:

“‘Great Grief’ is really special to the five of us. It was the first piece of music we wrote collectively after deciding that we wanted to do this again, and it felt like an organic progression when it came together.

“Musically we wanted to maintain an anchor in the familiar, but challenge ourselves to produce a more mature and expansive sound. We put a lot of thought into the sound design, adding layers and harmonies – all things we’d not really put much effort into previously.

“Lyrically, the song talks about the realisation I came to after reflecting on our time as a band following our breakup. When we announced we were drawing Casey to a close, I’d tunneled on the immediate personal impact of my writing, and how it felt like I was proliferating my pain by repeating it each night. But I’m in a much better place now, and I’ve grown a lot over the last few years. So now, if I look beyond myself at how the music Casey made has been interpreted and applied in our fans, my own discomfort feels like a small price to pay for the collective joy and catharsis we felt from our community.”

Here it is:

Here’s where the band will be playing next month:


12 – BRISTOL Fleece
13 – MANCHESTER Rebellion
14 – LONDON Garage
19 – OBERHAUSEN Kulttempel
20 – LEIPZIG Conne Island

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