Fall Out Boy’s Pete Wentz On Taylor Swift: “Really Awe-Inspiring To Watch”

Fall Out Boy's Pete Wentz has spoken about his admiration for Taylor Swift with whom the band collaborated on the track ‘Electric Touch’.

Pete was being interviewed for the cover of Rock Sound Issue 300 and when asked about the track, he spoke about how seeing Swift’s approach to her own career has helped inspire them.

He said “Taylor is the only artist that I’ve met or interacted with in recent times who creates exactly the art of who she is, but does it on such a mass level. So that’s breathtaking to watch from the sidelines. The way people traded bracelets, I don’t know what the beginning of it was, but you felt that everywhere. We felt that, I saw that in the crowd on our tour. I don’t know Taylor well, but I think she’s doing exactly what she wants and creating exactly the art that she wants to create. And doing that, on such a level, is really awe-inspiring to watch. It makes you want to make the biggest, weirdest version of our thing and put that out there.”

You can read the full interview with Pete and his bandmate Patrick Stump inside Rock Sound Issue 300, available now at SHOP.ROCKSOUND.TV or by clicking the image below:

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