Honey Revenge Drop Spiky, Danceable New Single ‘Worst Apology’

Honey Revenge have given fans another taste of their upcoming debut album ‘Retrovision’ with the new single ‘Worst Apology’.

On the song, vocalist Devin Papadol says ““Everyone has received a half assed apology.There’s always someone in your life that won’t change their ways and is surprised when their actions have consequences. “Worst Apology” is about standing up for yourself, seeing through that person’s projection of guilt and lack of accountability.”.

Watch the new music video below:

The album ‘Retrovision’ arrives on June 23 via Thriller Records and includes the previous singles ‘Are You Impressed?’ and ‘Airhead’.

We caught up with Devin earlier this year to find out about their musical inspirations, forming the band and what to expect from the full album:

Check out the album artwork and tracklist below:


2.Seeing Negative (Disappointment)

3. Are You Impressed?

4. Favorite Song

5. Habitual

6. Rerun

7. Fight Or Flight

8. Murphy’s Law

9. Sensitive

10. Scapegoat

11. Worst Apology

12. Distracted

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