HourHouse Sign To UNFD, Drop Video For ‘DO IT LIKE’

New Orleans rap-metal collective HourHouse have signed to UNFD records and released a new music video.

The band cite the likes of Korn, Kendrick Lamar and Meshuggah among their key influences and have just dropped a new video for absolute banger ‘DO IT LIKE’.

Check it out below:

On the track itself, vocalist Milly said “‘DO IT LIKE’ is about our impact on the rap metal genre as a whole and displays who we are as individuals in this group. The verses are a multitude of street lingo mixed with ferocious screams. Lyrically, it starts as a recollection of [the] world that surrounds them then turns into a mirror to the state of the world. Mentioning the violence and madness we all have to survive daily and that, for some, there isn’t an escape.”

And on joining UNFD, they add “Signing to UNFD is a dream come true for us. A roster full of creative heavyweights, and a team of amazing like-minded people. They give us 100% creative freedom to keep pushing the limits with our music, which has always been the most important thing to us. With UNFD, it doesn’t really feel like a label, but more of a helping hand guiding us along the way, offering their endless insight and direction, while still giving us the freedom to grow HourHouse in a manner best suited for us.”

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