Interest In Nu-Metal At Its Highest Since 2004

Online interest in ‘nu-metal’ is now at its highest point since 2004 in the US, when Google Trends began tracking such data.

The rise in the genre’s popularity was spotted and shared by the popular Twitter account, ‘crazy ass moments in nu metal history’, which shared the screenshot below.

The data shows an up-and-down wave of search interest in the term between 2004 and around 2007, before plateauing between 2009 and approximately 2020.

From there, interest in nu-metal has seen a steady rise, with Google Trends showing its previous peak in 2004 was overtaken around August last year. 

In many ways, this timing is pretty much bang-on with the ‘20-year rule’ that’s often cited in arts, music and fashion, which says that trends repeat themselves roughly every two decades. 

Whilst there’s no exact science to such a theory, it suggests that rising popularity in the genre may continue a little while longer, especially with new artists like Spiritbox and Wargasm citing the genre as a major inspiration point.

nothing,nowhere. also reacted to the news, referencing his latest album ‘VOID ETERNAL’:

And with the likes of Limp Bizkit having recently announced a huge London show, and Linkin Park recently releasing a 20th anniversary edition of Meteora, some of the stalwarts of nu-metal will certainly be doing their bit to keep that interest growing.

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