Like Moths To Flames Announce New Album ‘The Cycles Of Trying To Cope’

Like Moths To Flames have announced a brand-new album, ‘The Cycles of Trying To Cope’, which lands May 10 via UNFD.

News of the forthcoming album arrives with new single ‘Kintsgui’, which is titled after a Japanese term that refers to the art of repairing broken pottery with a mixture that includes gold.

The term therefore sits within the album as a means of referring to the “fracture” cycle, with each track said to represent a different part of the cycles of trying to cope.

Speaking a bit more about the craft the band’s latest track is named after, and its wider metaphor, Like Moths To Flames vocalist Chris Roetter has said:

“When things go wrong, I think we are left to pick up the pieces and forced to choose which piece to leave with.

“If it’s not possible to leave with everything the way it was before it broke, how do you know what piece to hold onto?”

Have a listen to ‘Kintsgui’ via the video below.

And adding more about the album as a whole, Roetter has shared: 

“The record encapsulates the many varying emotions we go through when trying to grow through life. 

“The last few years, I really tried to harness some of those emotions as a catalyst to get through whatever I was going through at the time.

“I think we all have our own unique ways to cope and these are mine.”

See the full ‘The Cycles of Trying To Cope’ tracklisting below.

  1. Angels Weep 
  2. Paradigm Trigger 
  3. Over The Garden Wall 
  4. Gone Without A Trace 
  5. Dissociative Being 
  6. The Shepherd’s Crown 
  7. To Know Is To Die 
  8. Kintsugi 
  9. Everything That Once Held It Together 
  10. The Depths I Roam 
  11. What Do We See When We Leave This Place?

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