Lonely The Brave Announce New Album ‘What We Do To Feel’

Lonely The Brave have announced brand-new album ‘What We Do To Feel’ – and shared its majestic lead single, ‘The Lens’.

Image credit: Nick Pope

‘What We Do To Feel’ arrives November 10 via Easy Life. 

It’ll be the follow-up to 2021’s ‘The Hope List’, which in turn marked the Cambridge band’s triumphant return following their 2016 LP ‘Things Will Matter’.

As you can hear in the record’s lead single, ‘What We Do To Feel’ is packed with emotive riffs and melodies. Have a listen to ‘The Lens’ below.

Commenting on the new track, Lonely The Brave vocalist Jack Bennett – who joined the band in 2018 – has said:

“[‘The Lens’] is a track about the way we value each other. It’s different for everyone and we each have a unique perspective towards the world.”

Guitarist Mark Trotter, meanwhile, has spoken more broadly about the forthcoming record and the band’s mindset towards it, adding: 

“You can plan it out as much as you want, but you’re just along for the ride. That’s the most exciting part, seeing what it decided to be. 

“With this album, we’re certainly more mature as people and as a band. That makes sense with everything that has happened since our last one.”

See the full ‘What We Do To Feel’ track-listing and album artwork below.

1. Long Way 

2. The Lens 

3. Our Sketch Out 

4. Victim 

5. Colour Me Sad 

6. The Ramp 

7. In The Well 

8. Eventide 

9. Unseen 

10. The Bear

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