Lowlives Announce Debut Album ‘Freaking Out’ Via ‘Loser’ Single

After a handful of EPs and single releases over the years, we’ll finally be getting the debut album from Lowlives.

Image credit: Will Foster

The West coast band will be releasing their debut LP ‘Freaking Out’ on May 31.

They’d previously announced their signing to Spinefarm Records via moody and melodic single ‘Liar’.

And now, to mark the news of their first full-length project, they’ve dropped their latest grungy single ‘Loser’, which vocalist and guitarist Lee Downer has explained:

“Is a love song about a self proclaimed ‘loser’ who has fallen in love with someone they also see as a misfit outcast like themselves.

“Both as awkward and weird as each other just wishing they could be losers together. 

“Musically it’s definitely the most pop song on the record and is an ode to 90’s alternative radio.”

Have a listen to the track via its official video below.

Speaking more broadly about Lowlives’ journey and some of the context behind the release of ‘Freaking Out’, Johnson added:

“During my time away from music, someone bought a pair of child’s ear defenders for my wife and I as a present when we announced we were pregnant. 

“I’d put them away in the cupboard, thinking we’d never need them, that I wouldn’t be playing any shows again. But they became this thing that nagged at me, the feeling that my daughter would never know the original me, for whom music was everything. 

“Over time, those feelings came flooding back, as did the hunger, and the innocence. A massive part of me had been missing, and I wanted to get back to doing something pure and for the sheer love of it. 

“That’s what Lowlives is. Whatever happens, happens. Let’s just Thelma And Louise this off a cliff.”

Check out the full ‘Freaking Out’ track-listing below and ‘Loser’ single artwork below.

1. Freaking Out

2. Liar

3. Getting High on Being Low

4. Swan Dive

5. Loser

6. You Don’t care

7. Out of Step

8. Closer Than You Know

9. Damien

10. Vertigo

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