Magnolia Park’s Joshua Roberts Announces Debut EP ‘Good For You’

Joshua Roberts of Magnolia Park has announced his debut solo EP.

‘Good For You’ will be out December 15 via Epitaph.

The Magnolia Park frontman has already dropped singles ‘Stay, Stay, Stay!’, ‘Inside Out’ and ‘Angel’ and will now have a whole 8-track project arriving before the year is out.

The EP will also feature brand-new track ‘Darkness’, which arrives with its own video that you can check out below.

Written and produced by close collaborator and Magnolia Park member Vince Ernst, Joshua has explained how the song came about when the pair discovered their favourite film is ‘American Psycho’, saying:

“We were like, ‘Okay, let’s make a song inspired by our love for this movie and add a little personal twist to it at the same time.’”

Discussing further how this project deviates from his usual work with Magnolia Park, Joshua has added: 

“It was a different process because I had to be more of a nuisance with my voice because of the style prerequisites. 

“I believe that it definitely shows the distinction of what I do with the band vs. what I do with my solo work.”

Check out the full EP tracklist below.

1. Father
2. Angel
3. Darkness
4. Psilocybin
5. Victim
6. Inside Out
7. Stay Stay Stay!
8. Good For You (w/ glimmers)

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