NOT.MY.WEEKEND Drop ‘OVERLOAD’ Collab With Magnolia Park

Pop punk act NOT.MY.WEEKEND have just dropped a new collaboration with Magnolia Park, ‘OVERLOAD’.

The track is the latest taste of their new album ‘Shimmer Season' which arrives tomorrow (November 03). It follows previous singles ‘Otherside.(Break.Up.Song)’ and ‘Knock.Me.Out’ featuring Sleeping With Sirens frontman Kellin Quinn.

On this latest single, frontman Patrick Gilchrist said “Writing ‘OVERLOAD’ was some of the most fun I had working on the album. Our producer(and my best friend)Jared Gaines(Rat Park/Vaines) had taught me a chord shape I had never used before and the next day I wrote the main riff for OVERLOAD and sent it to him. He loved it so much he sent me back the full instrumental done and we locked ourselves in his house until we had a chorus we loved.”

Check out the music video below:

On the song’s subject matter, Gilchrist added “To me, conceptually, the song is about re-evaluating yourself and realizing you’ll need to deconstruct who you are as a person in order to pull yourself out of a funk, or depression, or just improve as an individual. It’s something I feel a lot from others and myself in 2023, but I also hope people draw different interpretations and feelings from the tune!”

And on working with Magnolia Park frontman Joshua Roberts he added “Working with Josh was very fun! Watching the Mag Park dudes grow over the past couple years has been really inspiring and I really wanted our album to include a few features to help celebrate our friends and the state of the “scene” right now. It’s so cool that bands can grow on social media, or from touring, or from radio plays, or all of the above! There’s so much opportunity and community! I’m also very stoked our schedules lined up that he could be in the music video. It’s my favorite one I’ve made for NMW!”

“I love what Josh wrote for his verse so much because it’s so him without deviating from the context of the song. I’m way too much of a normy to say all the cool vampire stuff he does and it adds a whole other element to the song in addition to his voice!”

Preorder ‘Shimmer Season’ right here.

The band are currently on tour across the US with This Wild Life, Broadside and Worry Club, have a look at the full list of dates below:

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