Static Dress Have Created Their Own Video Game

Static Dress have found a new way to expand the world of their ‘Rouge Carpet Disaster’ album, by launching their very own video game.

‘Rouge Carpet Disaster: The Video Game’ arrives March 07, exclusively on Game Boy Color, and will be a fully playable exploration of the complex visual world developed by the band for their acclaimed debut album.

The game is set to offer a multifaceted storyline and will feature a complete 8-bit recreation of the album, which plays in the background as you walk through.

Players will be faced with enemies, puzzles and challenges amid the storytelling across the album’s timeline.

Have a look at some of the in-game imagery below to get a sense of what’s in store.

Recently, Static Dress finished an incredible supporting run for Bring Me The Horizon’s sold-out arena tour.

It saw them establish themselves yet again, as they kick on from their debut LP, which also arrived with a ‘Redux’ version and a further, four-track EP expansion.

Speaking about the album’s ‘Redux’ version and how it varies from the original LP, Static Dress’ Olli Appleyard explained to Rock Sound’s ‘The Album Story’ feature

“I wanted to give it a new lease of life, just as a kick up the bum. We wanted to be like, ‘here it is’ to all the people who’ve just found out about us now.

“We’ve already proved that it works and we can do it. It’s additional to what we can achieve alone.”

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