Steve Aoki Shares 20th Anniversary Remix Of Yellowcard’s ‘Ocean Avenue’

Steve Aoki and Yellowcard have joined forces to drop a 20th anniversary remix of the track ‘Ocean Avenue’.

Image credit: Brad Heaton

The tune is, of course, the title track and second single from Yellowcard’s seminal 2003 album. 

And what a way to celebrate two decades since both the track, and indeed the wider record’s, release.

The new version both adds Aoki’s classic electronic dance edge, whilst preserving much of the song’s original pop-punk spirit.

Have a listen below.

Speaking about how the collab came about and working with Ryan Key and co., Aoki has said:

“When Ryan initially reached out about this possible collab, I was really excited—especially when I discovered how much he loves electronic music.

“We combined our different musical styles to create a perfect fusion of alt rock and electronic for this track. 

“Honoring ‘Ocean Avenue’s 20th anniversary by blending these sounds was an amazing experience.”

Aoki has of course worked in the world of pop-punk before, having worked with Blink-182 on 2018 track ‘Why Are We So Broken?’ and collabed with Machine Gun Kelly on 2015 song ‘Free the Madness’.

We spoke with Key about the creation of ‘Ocean Avenue’ in our The Album Story feature earlier this year which you can read right here.

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