Sum 41 & Rock Sound Team Up For Digital Album Magazine Bundle

Sum 41 are Rock Sound 25 Icon Award winners and we are celebrating in style. In a world first, this magazine bundle also comes with a digital pressing of the band’s final studio album, ‘Heaven :x: Hell’.

This is the first time a magazine bundle has been chart-eligible, meaning you can become part of Sum 41 and chart history, with only 541 available.

As well as a career-spanning interview with Deryck Whibley within the magazine, by tapping your phone to the sticker on the cover you will get access to exclusive bonus content, including:

  • Signed album artwork (digital download)
  • Four handwritten lyric sheets (digital downloads)
  • Exclusive Rock Sound interview clips
  • Additional Rock Sound photos of Sum 41
  • Behind-the-scenes footage of the band
  • And an audio download of ‘Heaven :x: Hell’ (available upon the album’s release)

The magazine cover, which commemorates Sum 41 as one of Rock Sound’s 25 Icons, can also be bought as a standalone without the bonus content; as too can an exclusive A6 art card with a sticker that does give fans access to the content. The limited-edition bundle is chart-eligible.

Owners will receive a digital certification to prove the authentication of ownership, with a number marked between 1 and 541 so get yours right now at SHOP.ROCKSOUND.TV.

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