Superlove Cover Enter Shikari’s ‘Arguing With Thermometers’

Bristol noise-pop band Superlove have shared their cover of Enter Shikari track ‘Arguing With Thermometers’, as part of Rude Cares’ Changing Tides compilation album.

The Changing Tides project sees Rude Records artists covering tracks that revolve around environmental topics, to raise awareness for the sustainability movement. 

100% of the profits from every song will be donated to marine conservation non-profit Sea Shepherd.

Have a watch of the Superlove cover via the video of their live session below.

Discussing both their choice of track to cover and the wider Changing Tides initiative itself, Superlove have said:

“So it’s no secret that Enter Shikari are one of the main inspirations for our band and the music we write. 

“As soon as Rude Records asked us to be part of the Changing Tides campaign and to select a song to cover that tackled climate change as a subject. 

“‘Arguing With Thermometers’ was the first song that came to mind and we all agreed straight away with no deliberation as it felt 100% right.

“It was such a fun process to record the cover too on-top of the subject matter being so strong. The song’s arrangement is just incredible so we hope we could do it some justice as well as reinforcing such an important message.”

Rude Cares – the charitable branch of Rude Records – launched the Changing Tides compilation in February this year, with Baltimore-based Have Mercy providing the first cover, with a rendition of Smashing Pumpkin’s hit ‘1979’. 

Since then, Changing Tides has released more covers from the Rude Records roster, including Izzy Mahoubi and Sydney Sprague’s cover of Joni Mitchell’s ‘Big Yellow Taxi’ and Telltale’s reworking of ‘Help Is On The Way’, with more covers said to be on the way.

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