Sweet Pill Sign To Hopeless Records, Release New Single

Sweet Pill have been signed up to Hopeless Records and dropped a brand new single, ‘Starchild’.

You might recognise the Philadelphia-based group from their recent slot supporting The Wonder Years. Plus, previous track 'High Hopes’ was played by Paramore's Hayley Williams on her ‘Everything Is Emo’ show earlier this year.

Check out ‘Starchild’ below:

On the track, vocalist Zayna Youssef says “I believe myself to be an awkward person trying really hard to have a strong backbone. I sometimes catch myself putting others first, leaving none for myself. Ultimately, ‘Starchild’ sums up what it feels like to having the burden of someone else’s responsibilities with a million eyes on you at the same time. Through out it all, i just dont wanna fuck up, ever. This lame idea of being perfect always swims in my head and I can never get over on it. All in all it leads to burning out and failing. What do I owe to the people around me that have done nothing but take what I have?”

“We spent a week in the Poconos recording in seclusion in a cabin – like middle of nowhere Blair Witch vibes. It was so secluded that I was VERY freaked out. I was so scared that I refused to go to my room to sleep that had these large windows in it and since it was pitch black out you couldn’t see a thing. So I opted to sleep on the floor at like 2am where the boys were still up tracking just so I wouldn’t be alone. I believe this track is a good transitional song from our debut, ‘Where the Heart Is’. It has some “dancey-ness” that our first album didn’t really have.”

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